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Cloud-based Order Management

for professional buyers

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The wholesale buying floor can be a madhouse. Out among countless booths and exhibits and showcases, it's hard enough to keep track of time, let alone all the suppliers you've met, the purchases you've made, and —perhaps most importantly— the money you've spent.

iTapnShop is here to help.

iTapnShop's app for iPad® is your constant companion on the show-floor, logging each order —price, quantity, supplier, delivery date, etc— as you go, and keeping a running tally of your expenses. The app's handy bar code scanner simplifies note-taking by checking UPCs against the curated iTapnShop database, entering a product's name —even a snapshot!— for you. (Product not found? Help us crowd-source the info.) All the while, the app syncs your records securely to your free account in the iTapnShop cloud.

iTapnShop's subscription-based web service provides greater flexibility in organizing, editing, and exporting your purchase records.

Get started with iTapnShop —register online here, or right from the app— and make your next trip to the buying floor a little less mad.

Vendors: Help Us Help Them

Streamline your customers' purchasing experiences by maintaining an official record in the iTapnShop supplier database.

Remember: Less customer typing time means more customer shopping time!